Chéng Pǔ

Minister Spanning 3 Generations

Kingdom Wu
Health 4
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 Yes
Expansion 二将


  • Toxic Pyre

    When you use a normal Sha: you can transform it into Fire Sha; if it causes DMG, you lose 1 HP.

    Your Fire Sha can target 1 additional player.

  • Vintage Wine

    In your End Phase, if you don’t have any "Vintage": you can place any # of Sha on your character, face-up ("Vintage").

    When a player enters on the brink of death: you can remove 1 "Vintage"; this is regarded as the player having used Wine.


  • Toxic Pyre

    • You can't use Serpent Halberd to use 2 cards as Sha and then use "Toxic Pyre" to convert it into a Fire Sha.
    • Fire Sha that you didn't convert with "Toxic Pyre" don't cost you HP.
    • The Fire Fan converts a Sha into a Fire Sha after a player has been targeted; therefore, it can't be used to hit 2 players.
    • You lose HP after all damage calculations have concluded.
  • Vintage Wine

    • This ability activates during your turn within the healing round (right before you are prompted to use Peach); if you don't activate it, then you can use Peach.
    • This ability bypasses Jia Xu's "Unmitigated Murder".
    • You can only activate this ability once per brink of death.


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