Sūn Cè

The Young Conqueror of Jiang Dong

Kingdom Wu
Health 4
Ruler Yes
1v1 No
3v3 Yes
4v4 Yes


  • Ardor

    After you target with/you are targeted by Duel or red Sha: you can draw 1 card.

  • Divine Aura

    (awakening) In your Beginning Phase, if your HP is 1:

    - Reduce your max HP by 1.

    - Acquire the abilities "Dashing Hero" and "Lingering Spirit".

    • Dashing Hero [UP]

      In your Draw Phase: you can draw +1 additional card.

      Your hand card limit is your max HP.

    • Lingering Spirit

      In your Beginning Phase, if you are hurt: you can make another player:

      a) Draw X cards; then, discard 1 card.

      b) Draw 1 card; then, discard X cards.

      X = your # of wounds

  • Hegemony

    (ruler) Once per the Action Phase of other Wu characters: they can point fight you; if you win, you can take both cards.

    After "Divine Aura" activates, you can refuse these point fights.


  • Ardor

  • Lingering Spirit

    • You make the choice (a or b).
    • The player chooses which cards to discard.


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Al FAQ de Ardor: si tu Sha es anulado antes de que se active tu habilidad, ya no la puedes activar.

Arcan Chan
2 years ago

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