Zhōu Tài

Body Scarred like a Battle Record

Kingdom Wu
Health 4
Ruler No
KW Yes
1v1 Yes
3v3 No
4v4 No


  • Refusing Death

    When you are on the brink of death: place 1 card from the deck on your character, face-up ("Wound");

    - If its # is ≠ than all your other "Wounds": return to 1 HP.

    - If not: place it in the discard pile.

    If you have "Wounds", your hand card limit becomes the # of "Wounds" you have.

  • Exertion

    When a player has hand cards taken/discarded by another player: you can lose 1 HP; then, the player that lost hand cards draws 2 cards.


  • Refusing Death

    • You only get 1 "Wound" per instance.
    • This ability activates during your turn within the healing round (right before you are prompted to use Peach); if it fails, then you can use Peach.
    • Recovering HP doesn't remove "Wounds"; they remain atop your character regardless of your HP.
  • Exertion

    • You can't activate this ability if the player chooses the cards to be taken/discarded (i.e.: if a player discards cards due to "Lingering Spirit", you can't activate this ability because the player chooses the cards that he wants to discard).
    • You can activate this ability in response to another player's ability which caused himself to have cards taken/discarded (i.e.: Zhou Yu's "Sow Dissension").
    • You can activate this ability only once per instance; if a player has multiple cards taken/discarded at the same time, you can only activate this ability once, and he draws 2 cards. Some examples below:
    • Fǎ Zhèng's "Artifice of the Masses" allows him to take 2 cards from the target player simultaneously; in this case, you can only activate this ability once, and the player would draw 2 cards.
    • Ice Sword's effect allows a player to discard 2 cards from another, but each discard takes place in a separate instance; therefore, you can activate this ability after each discard, and the player would draw a total of 4 cards.
    • You can use this ability on yourself.


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no. Como norma general, se puede usar en habilidades en las que el que pierde la carta no decide qué carta.

Arcan Chan
2 years ago

Esfuerzo Excesivo se puede usar con duelo de puntos?

Xavier Ortiz
2 years ago

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