Hè Qí

Kingdom Wu
Health 4
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 No
Expansion SP'17


  • Damask Helmet

    You acquire the following skills based on the number of different suits in your equipment area:

    1+: "Horsemanship".

    2+: "Dashing Hero".

    3+: "Short Soldiers".

    4: "Prestige".

    • Horsemanship

      You always have a bonus -1 horse.

    • Dashing Hero

      In your Draw Phase: you can draw +1 additional card.

    • Short Soldiers

      Your Sha can target 1 additional player at distance 1.

    • Prestige

      Once per game, after a tool card targets 2+ players: you can make the card invalid for any # of them.

  • Quick Raid

    Once per Action Phase: you can discard 1 red basic card; then, discard 1 card form a player in your attack range.

    - If the discarded card is Dodge, you look at his hand.

    - If it's not Dodge, he looks at your hand.


  • Horsemanship

    • It doesn't count as an equipment.
  • Prestige

    • The card still targets them, but it has no effect on them (i.e. in Harvest, you select the players unaffected by it and then reveal as many cards as target players, but the players you selected won't take any card).
  • Quick Raid

    • The card used to decide between the options is the one that is discards the other player.


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yes, this was changed recently, not updated on the page

Arcan Chan
1 year ago

fyi “dashing hero” should be the 界限突破 version not the standard version

1 year ago

sí, es 4+, todas las habilidades son acumulativas.

Arcan Chan
2 years ago

la carta que le descartas al otro jugador (no le haces descartar, la descartas tú)

Arcan Chan
2 years ago

Si tienes 5 equipaviones que pasa? Sigues teniendo la de 4? Deberia ser 4+

Xavier Ortiz
2 years ago

La habilidad "Asalto Rapido", cual es la carte que se usa para decidir el segundo trigger? La carta que descarto o la que hago descartar?

Xavier Ortiz
2 years ago

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