Xún Yoū

Master Strategist of Cao Wei

Kingdom Wei
Health 3
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 Yes
Expansion 二将


  • Contrivance

    Once per Action Phase: you can use all your hand cards as any non-time-delay tool card.

  • Playing Dumb

    After you suffer DMG: you can draw 1 card; then, display all your hand cards. If all of them have the same color, the damage source discards 1 hand card.


  • Contrivance

    • You use your entire hand as a single non-time-delay tool card; you won't have any cards left after this maneuver.
    • If you use Barbarians, Zhù Róng is not affected by the tool card as per "Giant Elephant", but she can't pick up the used hand cards.
    • The color of the tool card depends on the 2 cards used: if they are both of the same color, the resulting tool card will have that color.; if they are different colors, the tool card will be colorless. This works the same way as the Serpent Halberd.
    • You can't use cards in the Wooden Cow Transport.
  • Playing Dumb

    • If you are damaged without a source, you can still draw 1 card and display your hand.
    • You must be saved from the brink of death in order to activate this ability.
    • If you suffer more than 1 damage per instance, you can only activate this ability once.


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