Xú Huǎng

Reminiscence of Zhou Ya Fu

Kingdom Wei
Health 4
Ruler No
KW Yes
1v1 Yes
3v3 Yes
4v4 Yes


  • Blockade

    You can use any black basic card or equipment as Starvation.

    Your Starvations have unlimited range on players whose # of hand cards ≥ your # of hand cards.

  • Cut Supplies

    After another player skips his Draw Phase: you draw 1 card.


  • Blockade

    • If you discard an equipped card that affects your range, your new range will be considered for the target selection.


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Al FAQ de Cut Supplies:
Si por ejemplo el otro jugador tiene Starvation y Rayo. Si pierde la fase de robo con Starvation, no se activa Cut Supplies todavía, hasta que se hace el juicio del rayo y luego se salta la fase de robo.

Arcan Chan
2 years ago

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