Diǎn Wěi

The E-Lai of Ancient Times

Kingdom Wei
Health 4
Ruler No
KW Yes
1v1 Yes
3v3 No
4v4 Yes


  • Ferocious Assault

    Once per Action Phase: you can:

    a) lose 1 HP.

    b) discard 1 weapon

    and cause 1 DMG to a player within your attack range.


  • Ferocious Assault

    • You first perform a) or b) and then cause the damage (although they are simultaneous actions).
    • If you discard an equipped weapon, your new attack range (without the weapon) will be taken into account for the target selection.
    • You can sacrifice your last unit of health to cause damage to another player; the ability still goes through even if you die from your sacrifice.
    • If it's down to 1 VS 1 and you sacrifice your last unit of health to finish off the ruler, the ruler wins. After using the ability, you are considered zero health first before the damage is received by the ruler; if you aren't saved, then you die first and game ends immediately (since all rebels/fefectors are dead).


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