Sī Mǎ Yì

The Devil with Eyes Behind his Head

Kingdom Wei
Health 3
Ruler No
KW Yes
1v1 Yes
3v3 Yes
4v4 No
Expansion 基本


  • Retaliation

    After you suffer DMG: you can take 1 card from the damage source.

  • Demonic Talent

    When a player performs a judgement, before it takes effect: you can play a hand card. It becomes the judgement result.


  • Retaliation

    • You can take equipped cards.
    • You must be saved from the brink of death in order to activate this ability.
    • If you suffer more than 1 damage per instance, you can only activate this ability once.
  • Demonic Talent

    • You can't take the original judgement card.
    • If there are multiple judgement tinkerers in the game, the order in which they change the judgement result is determined by their sequence in the gameplay, starting with the turn player; each judgement tinkerer only has one chance to change the judgement result.

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