Xì Zhì Cái

Kingdom Wei
Health 3
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 No
Expansion SP'17


  • Envy of Heaven

    After your judgement takes effect: you can take the result card.

  • First Auxiliary

    At the beginning of the game: select another player ("protégée").

    After your "protégée" suffers DMG: you suffer the same amount of DMG.

    After your "protégée" recovers HP: you recover the same amount of HP.

  • Devise Plan

    After you suffer 1 DMG: you can perform a judgement.

    - If it's red, you make a player draw 1 card (if it's your "protégée", he draws 2 cards instead).

    - If it's black, you discard 1 card in an area of any player.


  • Envy of Heaven

    • You get the card after the judgement takes effect but before the card/ability that caused the judgement resolves. For example, if you perform a judgement because of Lightning and the result is 2-9 , you get the result card before suffering the damage.
  • First Auxiliary

    • If your "protégée" dies as a result of taking damage, you won't suffer any damage.
    • If your "protégée" is on brink of death and is healed, you first recover HP and then you suffers DMG.


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Hi Tom, any player ;)

Xavier Ortiz
2 years ago

In Devise Plan - "If it's black, you discard 1 card in an area of a player." Which player is this? The damage source player or any player?

tom shoe
2 years ago

Para el FAQ: para aclarar el orden de las cosas, si protégée entra en brink-of-death y se cura; Xì Zhì Cái primero se cura y luego sufre el daño.

Arcan Chan
3 years ago

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