Wang Lang

Kingdom Wei
Health 3
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 No
Expansion SP'16


  • Sharp Tongue

    Once per Action Phase: you can use 1 hand card to point fight up to 3 players simultaneously. The loser chooses:

    a) Discard 1 card.

    b) Make you draw 1 card.

    If you are the loser, you get 1 "Rich Tongue" token.

    When you have 7 "Rich Tongues": you die.

  • Intense Words

    After you reveal the card you use for "Sharp Tongue":

    - If its # < X, you can add +X to its #.

    - If its # = X, the limit of times you can use "Sharp Tongue" this turn is increased by +1.

    X = # of "Rich Tongues"


  • Intense Words

    If you point fight more than one player and you lose against the first, the rich tongue adquired will count for the next player.


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