Cao Xiu

Kingdom Wei
Health 4
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 No
Expansion 五将


  • Thousand Colts

    Every wound gives you a bonus -1 horse.

  • Use All Resources to Raid

    When your used Sha is about to cause DMG to your target, if you have a weapon in your equipment area: you can make the target choose:

    a) Discard X hand cards; then, he discards your weapon. (X = your weapon's attack range)

    b) The DMG is increased by +1.


  • Use All Resources to Raid

    If you have equipped Ancient Scimitar and the target has 2 hand cards: if the target chooses option (a) it only receive 1 DMG because the weapon is discarded before the DMG becomes effective.


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para el FAQ: si atacas a alguien con la cimitarra equipada y el objetivo tiene 2 cartas en la mano. Si el objetivo elegie la opción (a) solo le haces 1 punto de daño, porque te descarta el arma antes de que el daño se haga efectivo y por tanto no suma +1 por no tener cartas en mano.

Arcan Chan
2 years ago

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