Cao Rui

Kingdom Wei
Health 3
Ruler Yes
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 Yes
Expansion 五将


  • Recover and Expand

    After you suffer DMG: you can make a player perform a judgement.

    - If it's red, he heals 1 HP.

    - If it is black, he draws X cards. (X = DMG suffered)

  • Brilliant Idea

    Once per Action Phase: you can give all your hand cards to another player; then, during his next turn:

    - His hand card limit is increased by +1.

    - In his Action Phase he can use 1 additional Sha.

  • The Rise and Fall

    (ruler) Once per game, when you are on the brink of death: you can ask every Wei character whether he lets you heal 1 HP; players who do will suffer 1 DMG from no source after all effects have concluded.


  • Recover and Expand

    • You must be saved from the brink of death in order to activate this ability.
    • If you suffer more than 1 damage per instance, you can only activate this ability once.
  • The Rise and Fall

    • This ability activates during your turn within the healing round (right before you are prompted to use Peach); if it fails, then you can use Peach.
    • 2. If you choose to activate this ability, each Wei character is asked in sequence whether they want to let you heal.


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