Chen Qun

Minister of all Ages

Kingdom Wei
Health 3
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 Yes
Expansion 四将


  • Production

    In your Action Phase: you can discard 1 card and select another player (you can't neither discard the same type of card nor choose the same player this turn); then, make him:

    a) Draw X cards.

    b) Discard X cards.

    If that player is injured, you enter chain state.

    X = # of times (counting this one) you used this ability this turn.

  • Justice and Mercy

    After a player flips his character face-up or goes into chains: you can make him draw 1 card.


  • Production

    • You choose between a) and b).
  • Justice and Mercy

    • You can activate it whenever a player becomes chained, but you can't activate it when a player becomes unchained.


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