Mǎ Sù

The Conceited Talent

Kingdom Shu
Health 3
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 Yes


  • Rumor

    Once per Action Phase: you can discard 1 card and select a player with highest HP; then, you cause him 1 DMG.

  • Reckless Strategy

    When you are about to cause DMG to another player: you can prevent the DMG; then, take 1 card from his equipment or judgement area.


  • Rumor

    • If it's a tie (if there are several players with the highest HP), you choose who takes the damage.
  • Reckless Strategy

    • You don't trigger abilities that activate "when you are about to suffer DMG".
    • If your objective don't have equipment or judgment, the skill can be activated without taking anything.


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Para FAQ de Reckless Strategy:
No es necesario que el objetivo de esta habilidad tenga nada en su area de juicio ni equipación. Puedes activar esta habilidad sin coger nada.

Arcan Chan
2 years ago

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