Zhù Róng

The Savage Queen

Kingdom Shu
Health 4
Ruler No
KW Yes
1v1 Yes
3v3 No
4v4 Yes


  • Giant Elephant

    When another player uses Barbarians:

    - It has no effect on you.

    - After all effects have concluded: you get the card.

  • Fearsome Blade

    After your used Sha causes DMG to your target: you can point fight the target player; if you win, you take 1 card from him.


  • Giant Elephant

    • If Cao Cao is damaged by Barbarians, he will get the card. This is because you only get the card after all effects have concluded, while Cao Cao gets any card that causes him damage immediately.
  • Fearsome Blade

    • If Da Qiáo redirects the Sha to someone else with "Displacement", you can point fight the new target after you cause him damage.
    • If Xiǎo Qiáo transfers the damage to someone else with "Heavenly Scent", you can't point fight anyone since the target is still Xiǎo Qiáo but she remained unscathed.
    • The target must be saved from the brink of death for you to activate this ability.
    • If you cause more than 1 damage per instance, you can only activate this ability once.
    • You can't activate this ability on players who are damaged through Chains because they were not the targets of your Sha.


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