Liú Shàn

The King with a Laissez-Faire Destiny

Kingdom Shu
Health 3
Ruler Yes
KW Yes
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 Yes


  • Relish

    After a player uses Sha to target you: unless he discards 1 basic card, that Sha has no effect.

  • Devolution

    You can skip your Action Phase and, at the end of the turn: discard 1 hand card. If you do, you can let another player have an extra turn (right after you).

  • Eiron

    (ruler, awakening) In your Beginning Phase, if you are one of the players with the lowest HP:

    - Increase your max HP by +1.

    - Heal 1 HP.

    - Acquire "Rouse".

    • Rouse

      (ruler) When you need to use/play Sha: you can ask other Shu characters to use/play Sha for you.


  • Eiron

    • This ability will activate if you are the only player with the lowest HP.
    • This ability will activate if you are among the players with the lowest HP.
  • Rouse

    • If you choose to activate this ability, each Shu character is asked in sequence whether they want to use/play Sha, until there is a response.
    • Shu characters can activate abilities that allow them to generate Sha.
    • The Sha is considered to have been used/played by you (limit of Sha per Action Phase, attack range, weapon abilities, etc.), so other characters can't activate abilities that trigger when using/playing Sha.
    • You can't activate Heaven Scorcher Halberd's effect.
    • You can only use this ability with the same timing as you can use/play Sha.


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