Wèi Yán

The Blood-Thirsty Lone Wolf

Kingdom Shu
Health 4
Ruler No
KW Yes
1v1 Yes
3v3 No
4v4 No


  • Insanity Streak

    After you cause 1 DMG to a player at distance 1, you can choose:

    a) Heal 1 HP.

    b) Draw 1 card.

  • Conspiracy

    Once per game, in your Action Phase: you can lose any # of HP. This turn, your distance to the other players is -X and you can use +X additional Sha.

    X = # of HP you lost.


  • Insanity Streak

    • You can activate this ability even if you damage yourself (but you must be saved from the brink of death first).
    • The distance considered for this ability is the current distance before the player reduces his HP.


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