Empress Fu

Desperate Last Note

Kingdom Neutral
Health 3
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 Yes
Expansion 三将


  • Anxious Fear

    At the beginning of another player's turn, if you are wounded: you can point fight that player.

    - If you win, this turn, cards he use can't target other players except himself.

    - If you lose, this turn the distance from him to you is 1.

  • Plead

    When you become the target of Sha: you can select another player; unless that player gives you Dodge, he also becomes a target of this Sha.


  • Anxious Fear

    • If the player would use a card that targets other players (i.e. Sha, Barbarians, etc.), he can't use it.
    • If the player would use a card that targets all players (i.e. Harvest), he can use it but he will be its only target.
  • Plead

    • You can't target a player without hand cards.
    • You can't target the user of the Sha.


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