Dǒng Zhuó

Demon King

Kingdom Neutral
Health 8
Ruler Yes
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 Yes


  • Drown in Wine

    You can use any on-hand as Wine.

  • Garden of Lust

    If you use Sha to target a female character or if a female character uses Sha to target you, the target needs to use 2 Dodge to evade it.

  • Disintegrate

    In your End Phase, if you aren't one of the players with the lowest HP:

    a) Lose 1 HP.

    b) Reduce your max HP by -1.

  • The Tyrant

    (ruler) After another Neutral character causes DMG: he can perform a judgement; if it's , you heal 1 HP.


  • Garden of Lust

    • If the target player uses Eight Trigrams, he must generate 2 Dodge; if the first fails, he must use Dodge before proceeding to generate the second; if the second fails, he must use Dodge to avoid the attack.
  • Disintegrate

    • This ability will activate as long as there is at least one other player whose HP < your HP.
  • The Tyrant

    • If that character causes AoE damage (i.e. with Barbarians), he can let you make a judgement immediately after each player suffers damage.


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