Sima Hui

Kingdom Neutral
Health 3
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 No
Expansion SP'18


  • Heroic Sacrifice

    At your first Beginning Phase: choose 2 players to get the "Dragon" seal and the "Phoenix" seal.

    Once per Action Phase (except your first turn), or when a player with a seal dies: you can transfer it to a new player.

    "Dragon" seal: acquire "Arson".

    "Phoenix" seal: acquire "Shackles".

    "Dragon" and "Phoenix" seals: discard both seals to trigger "Searing Heat".

    • Arson

      You can use any red hand card as Blaze.

    • Shackle

      You can reforge or use as Chains any on-hand .

    • Searing Heat

      Once per game, in your Action Phase: you can select up to 3 players and distribute up to 3 🔥 DMG among them. If you allocate more than 1 DMG to any of them, you discard 1 card of each suit and lose 3 HP.

  • Good Balance

    When a player suffers elemental damage, if he is chained and is the starting point of the damage: you can view the X cards on the top and distribute them among any players.

    X = # of chained players.

  • Hermit

    When you are hurt by elemental damage or a tactic card, if you don't have any seal or armor equipped: the damage is prevented.


  • Searing Heat

    • If you can't discard 1 card of each suit, you discard as many different suits as you can.
    • You can distribute less damage if you want.


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