Bēi Mí Kǒu hū

Kingdom Neutral
Health 3
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 No
Expansion SP'18


  • Release Puppet

    At the beginning of each round: another player with the lowest HP and no "Puppet" mark gets a "Puppet" mark.

    At the beginning of your turn: you can target another player who hasn't a "Puppet" mark; place a "Puppet" mark on that player.

  • Bone Cut

    After a player with a "Puppet" mark suffers DMG: you draw 1 card.

  • False Worship

    (awakening) In your Beginnig Phase, if you have adquired 7+ cards due to "Bone Cut":

    - Increase your max HP by +1.

    - Heal 1 HP.

    - Place a "Puppet" mark on every player who doesn't have one.

    - Permanently lose "Bone Cut".

    - Acquire "Puppet Master".

    • Puppet Master

      When you become the only target of a player with a "Puppet" mark's used basic or non-delay tool card: you can cancel the effect and he loses the "Puppet" mark.

      When your used basic or non-delay tool card targets only one player: you can target an additional player with a "Puppet" mark and he loses the "Puppet" mark.


  • Release Puppet

    • If there is a tie, you choose.
    • If the player with the lowest HP already has a "Puppet" mark, then no mark is placed.
  • Bone Cut

    • The player has to survive in order for you to activate "Bone Cut".


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