Wáng Yǔn

Kingdom Neutral
Health 4
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 No
Expansion SP'17


  • Connecting Plans

    Once per Action Phase: you can give a Sha or black tool card to another player, and make him use a random weapon from the deck; then, that player chooses:

    a) Use the card on other players, and afterwards give the weapon to one of the targets.

    b) This is equivalent as you using the card on him, and afterwards he gives you the weapon.

  • Successful Plan

    (awakening) After another player causes 3+ accumulated DMG with cards received via "Connecting Plans": you lose "Connecting Plans" and acquire "Boast".

    • Boast

      Once per Action Phase: you can use 1 equipment or Sha as a random tool card (select 1 from 3); in the End Phase of this turn, if you haven't caused DMG: you lose 1 HP.


  • Connecting Plans

    • Pending revision.
  • Successful Plan

    • Pending revision.
  • Boast

    • Pending revision.


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al FAQ de Boast:
Para la selección de las 3 cartas aleatorias, se cogen todas las tactic cards + estas 2:

Arcan Chan
19 days ago

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