Li Ru

Daemon Minister

Kingdom Neutral
Health 3
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 Yes
Expansion 三将


  • Vanishing Act

    In your End Phase: you can cause 1 DMG to another player who has no hand cards.

  • Exterminate

    Once per Action Phase: you can place 1 black tool card on top of the deck and choose another player with hand cards; then, make that player choose:

    a) Discard 1 tool card.

    b) Discard 2 non-tool cards.

  • Burn the City

    Once per game, in your Action Phase: you can force all other players choose:

    a) Discard at least X cards. (X = # of cards the previous player discarded + 1)

    b) Suffer 2 🔥 DMG from you.


  • Exterminate

    • You show the card you place on top of the deck.
  • Burn the City

    • The first player in the order must either discard 1 card or take 2 🔥 damage. If they discard, the next player must then discard 2 cards or take 2 🔥 damage. If they discard, the next player must then discard 3 cards or take 2 🔥 damage. The pattern continues in this fashion. If someone takes the damage, the count starts over and the next player must discard only 1 or take 2 🔥 damage.
    • Players can discard equipped cards.
    • If a player doesn't have enough cards to discard, he must take the damage.
    • The player can discard any number of cards, as long as he meets the minimum.


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Si es correcta, puedes elegir descartar más si quieres. En el FAQ lo puse así a modo de ejemplo para que quede claro; pero cada jugador tiene que descartar las mismas que el anterior + 1 + lo que él quiera.

Arcan Chan
2 years ago

Tengo una duda, la parte de burn de city que pone que se debe descartar “al menos" es correcta? Puedo elegir descartar mas? Creo que se contradice con el faq.

Xavier Ortiz
2 years ago

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