The Way of the Asura

Kingdom Demigod
Health 5
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 No


  • Violent Rage

    At the beginning of the game: you get 2 "Rage".

    After you cause/suffer 1 DMG: you get 1 "Rage".

  • Simpleton

    When you use a non-time-delay tool card:

    a) Lose 1 "Rage".

    b) Lose 1 HP.

  • Unprecedented

    In your Action Phase: you can lose 2 "Rage" and select a player. This turn, that player's armor becomes ineffective and you acquire "Without Equal".

    • Without Equal

      If you use Sha to target a player, the target needs to use 2 Dodge to evade it.

      During Duel, the opponent must play 2 Sha per round.

  • Asura's Fury

    Once per Action Phase: you can lose 6 "Rage"; then, every other player:

    - Suffers 1 DMG.

    - Discards all his equipped cards.

    - Discards 4 hand cards.

    Finally, you flip your character.


  • Violent Rage

    • If you cause damage, you can activate this ability even if the player dies.
    • If you suffer damage, you must be saved from the brink of death in order to activate this ability.
    • If you damage yourself, you must be saved from the brink of death in order to activate this ability, and you get 2 "Rage" for each unit of damage (one when you cause it and the other when you suffer it).
  • Simpleton

    • Losing HP doesn't trigger "Violent Rage", because you don't cause/suffer damage.
  • Without Equal

    • If the target player uses Eight Trigrams, he must generate 2 Dodge; if the first fails, he must use Dodge before proceeding to generate the second; if the second fails, he must use Dodge to avoid the attack.
  • Asura's Fury

    • The actions are performed sequentially x action x player.


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