Zhuge Liang [DEMIGOD]

The Sorcerer at the Red Cliffs

Kingdom Demigod
Health 3
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 No


  • The Seven Stars

    At the beginning of the game: you are given 11 cards. You pick 4 of them to be your starting hand and place the remaining 7 on your character, face-down ("Stars").

    After each of your Draw Phases: you can interchange any # of hand cards with the same # of "Stars".

  • Strong Gale

    In your End Phase: you can discard 1 "Star" and select a player. Until your next turn, all 🔥 DMG that player suffers is increased by +1.

  • Heavy Shroud

    In your End Phase: you can discard any # of "Stars" and select the same # of players. Until your next turn, these players will be protected from all DMG, except DMG.


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