Zhào Yún [DEMIGOD]

Aura of the Dragon

Kingdom Demigod
Health 2
Ruler No
1v1 No
3v3 No
4v4 No


  • Adversity

    Your hand card limit is +2.

    When you enter/leave from the brink of death: you draw a card.

  • Soul of the Dragon

    You can use/play up to 2 cards with the same suit as the following:

    - : Peach.

    - : Fire Sha.

    - : Dodge.

    - : Negate.

    If you use/play 2 red cards, you increase the damage/healing of the card by +1.

    If you use/play 2 black cards, you discards one card of the active turn player.


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jugando al online me he dado cuenta que en el algún momento del 2018 cambiaron este semidios.
Fuente: https://sanguosha.fandom.com/zh/wiki/%E7%A5%9E%E8%B5%B5%E4%BA%91

Arcan Chan
2 years ago

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