Wooden Cow Transport


Action Phase




  • Once per Action Phase: you can place 1 hand card on this card, face-down ("Supply"; max.: 5 cards). If you do, you can move this card to the equipment area of another player.

    You can use/play the "Supplies" as if they were in your hand.


    • If this card is moved on the field, the "Supplies" remain inside.
    • If this card leaves the field, the "Supplies" are put in the discard pile.
    • You can't discard "Supplies".
    • You can use "Supplies" with abilities that let you use/play X hand card as any card.
    • You can't use "Supplies" with abilities that let you use/play all your hand cards as any card.
    • Using/playing "Supplies" doesn't trigger abilities that activate "when you lose a card(s)".
    • If you haven't hand cards and have this card equipped with "Supplies", you can't be the target of Blaze.
    • You can't use "Supplies" in point fights.


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